About QT-Brightek Corporation
QT-Brightek Corporation is the combination of World Class- Products, Manufacturing and Customer Service. The organization has a long-term understanding of the market needs in Optoelectronics.QT-Brightek is organized to react swiftly to meet these needs.

QT-Brightek is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with sales, marketing and field application support thru out Americas, Europe and Asia. The product families offered are SMT LED, Thru-hole LED, LED Displays, Optocoupler, IR devices, and Custom modules.

QT- Brightek will provide global logistics support to our customer with warehouses in each major region. Local Sales Representatives and Distributors will market the QT-Brightek products.

Corporate Mission
“Customer relationships are paramount. QT-Brightek will endeavor to design and manufacture Optoelectronic products that meet our customer needs in terms of innovativeness, cost of acquisition and time to market. QT-Brightek believes it shares in our customer’s end product success.”

Contact Information
For more information on QT-Brightek Corporation, please contact: Sales@qt-brightek.com

QT-Brightek Corporation
372 Turquoise Street , Suite 1
Milpitas, CA 95035
United States